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Altered Innocence Vol. 1

Now Available!


Altered Innocence Vol. 1

Dir. Cam Archer, Anna Cazenave Cambet, Antonio Hens, Yann Gonzalez, Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel, Shaun Hughes, Peter Strickland, Alexis Langlois, Bertrand Mandico, João Nicolau, Gjertrud Maria Bergaust


Nearly 3 hours of LGBTQ and Coming-of-Age short films and music videos await you in the debut of Altered Innocence’s cinematic mixtape supreme! Films from established auteurs like Peter Strickland, Cam Archer, João Nicolau, and Yann Gonzalez join fresh new voices such as Alexis Langlois, Shaun Hughes, Caroline Poggi, and Jonathan Vinel. Cruising, dancing, naked wrestling, trans terrorism, first love, bullies, femme fatales, band practice, and more is in store! 

Year of release: 2021. Running Time: 164 min

In French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, & Norwegian

with English & Spanish Subtitles


List of Films:

  • “Our Time” (Imperial Teen) by Cam Archer (New HD Restoration)

  • Gabber Lover by Anna Cazenave Cambet

  • Doors Cut Down by Antonio Hens (HD Restoration)

  • “Les Vacances Continuent” (Perez) by Yann Gonzalez

  • After School Knife Fight by Caroline Poggi & Jonathan Vinel

  • Bunny by Shaun Hughes

  • GUO4 by Peter Strickland

  • Terror, Sisters! by Alexis Langlois

  • “Niemand” (Kompromat) by Bertrand Mandico

  • Gambozinos (Wild Haggis) by João Nicolau

  • Jakt (Hunt) by Gjertrud Maria Bergaust

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