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You Are Not Alone

HD Restoration!


You Are Not Alone (Du er ikke alene)

Dir. Lasse Nielsen & Ernst Johansen


A student strike at a Danish boys school paired with a budding young gay romance are the backdrops for 'You Are Not Alone', a landmark 1978 film from directors Lasse Nielsen and Ernst Johansen. 15-year-old Bo, a shy student at the boarding school and Kim, the son of the stern headmaster form a friendship that starts to turn romantic. Meanwhile, mounting school tensions over the expulsion of a troubled student explore the rebellious political attitude of youth in the 70s. Directors Lasse Nielsen and Ernst Johansen chose to create a film with these two radical themes to great effect with depth and candor. Their sensitive handling of controversial themes makes 'You Are Not Alone' a groundbreaking treatment of sexual liberation and the power of each individual voice, no matter how young or old.

New Trailer:

Year of release: 1978

Running Time: 94 min

In Danish with English Subtitles

You Are Not Alone BD Front Cover.jpg

Special Features on the DVD & Blu-ray:

  • Newly Improved English & Spanish Subtitles

  • New Trailer

  • Other Trailers


  • Region-Free

  • Stereo Audio

  • In Danish with English & Spanish Subtitles

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