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The Islands of Yann Gonzalez

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The Islands of Yann Gonzalez

Dir. Yann Gonzalez


Horny monsters, erotic dancers, lonely youths, mourning lovers, and people who just wanna party. Yann Gonzalez's cinema is full of unique islands with exciting characters, gorgeous cinematography, and hypnotic sonic arenas. Before Knife+Heart, these short films would go on to win Yann a devoted cult following and awards at festivals like the Queer Palm winning Islands. Working closely with the director we've compiled seven (eight on VOD) of his short works here as a main program (many newly restored in HD) and an appendix of music videos and other works on the Blu-ray as Bonus Features. 

Year of release: 2022. Production Years: 2006-2021

Running Time: 140 min

In French, Portuguese, & English with English Subtitles


List of Films in Main program:

  • We Will Never Be Alone Again (Nous ne serons plus jamais seuls) - 2012

  • I Hate You Little Girls (Je vous hais petites filles) [New HD Restoration] - 2008

  • By the Kiss [New HD Restoration] - 2006

  • Three Celestial Bodies (Les astres noirs) [New HD Restoration] - 2009

  • Intermission (Entracte) [New HD Restoration] - 2007

  • "Fou de Bassan" by Jita Sensation [On the Blu-ray as a Bonus Feature] - 2021

  • Land of My Dreams - 2012

  • Islands - 2017

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