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Jack Be Nimble

New 4k restoration!

Jack Be Nimble_AlexisCarriedBySisters.jpg

Jack Be Nimble

Dir. Garth Maxwell


A gothic horror gem from New Zealand returns in a brand new 4K restoration! From the twisted mind of Garth Maxwell comes the tale of separated twins Jack (Alexis Arquette) and Dora (Sarah Smuts-Kennedy), abandoned by their parents as children and separated by adoption. Jack ends up with a sadistic family who bullies and controls him whereas Dora is raised by a quite normal family, but starts being tortured by extra-sensory powers. Both twins feel the pull to find each other again as they grow older, but violence threatens their joining from all sides.


Year of production: 1993. Running Time: 96 min

In English

Jack Be Nimble Blu-ray Front Cover.jpg

Special Features on the Blu-ray:

-Interview with Director Garth Maxwell & Film Critic Dominic Corry

-Director Garth Maxwell Talks About His Childhood, Inspirations, and Filmmaking

-Short Films: Beyond Gravity (50 Minutes - New 2K Restoration) & Naughty Little Peeptoe (35 Minutes)

-Audio Commentary w/Cast & Crew

-Photo Gallery

-Original Trailer

-Other Trailers



-In English w/ English SDH & Spanish Subtitles

-5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

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