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Irreversible & Irreversible: Straight Cut


Year of production: 2022. Running Time: 123 min

In Icelandic with English Subtitles


Irreversible & Irreversible: Straight Cut

Dir. Gaspar Noé


One night. An unforgivable act. A tale told in reverse.

Acclaimed filmmaker Gaspar Noé’s unflinching exploration of human savagery and the uncompromising nature of time, Irreversible was met with a groundswell of acclaim and uproar upon its premiere at Cannes in 2002. Stylish, sexually frank, and brutal, the film’s conceit of exploring the events of one terrible night on the streets of Paris in reverse chronological order was celebrated and derided in equal measure, helping to further cement Noé’s legacy as a cinematic enfant terrible.
Nearly 20 years later, Noé brought Irreversible back, presenting the “Straight Cut” to the Venice Film Festival. This reconfigured vision allowed audiences to see the events of the film unfold in the order in which they occur, providing new context for pivotal scenes of brutality and the subsequent quest for revenge. Now available are both cuts of the film, providing the viewer the opportunity to see Noé’s potent account of humanity at its worst from multiple angles, and the unshakable understanding that time, indeed, reveals all things.

Not for the faint of heart, easily offended, or anyone with photosensitivity, this is Noé's dark masterpiece.


Straight Cut:

Year of production: 2020. Running Time: 86 min

In French with English Subtitles

Original Cut:

Year of production: 2002. Running Time: 94 min

In French with English Subtitles

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