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U.S. Restoration premiere! 
Available on Blu-ray and DVD!

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Dir. Jean Becker


Vanessa Paradis (Knife+Heart) stars as the alienated and angry Marie, living as a smart aleck teenage street hustler, burdened by the rage brought upon by the suicide of her emotionally fragile mother (the titular Élisa as played by Florence Thomassin). Marie's fury inspires her to track down and kill the man who abandoned her and her mother in the first place – her father Jacques, played by iconic French superstar Gérard Depardieu. What unfolds is a poignant and desperate plea for tolerance and acceptance, where tragedy and angst can unwind and be replaced by forgiveness and love.

Restoration Trailer

Year of production: 1995. Running Time: 115 min

In French with English Subtitles

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