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Apocalypse After: Short Films by Bertrand Mandico

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Apocalypse After

Dir. Bertrand Mandico


Aging starlets fight over a gross piece of flesh that inspires sexual devotion, a woman finds inspiration in the animation of dead animals, a certain Walerian Borowczyk makes his way through a cruel life, and a transgressive director keeps searching for films that will make her spectators' hearts turn in their thoracic cages (like a steak on a grill!). From the visionary director of The Wild Boys and After Blue (Dirty Paradise) comes a collection of 3+ hours of short works that will ensnare your senses and leave you desperate for more of the wonderful and weird world of Bertrand Mandico.

List of Films:

  • Le cavalier bleu (The Blue Cavalier)

  • Il dit qu'il est mort... (He Said He Is Dead...)  

  • Lif og daudi Henry Darger (The Life and Death of Henry Darger)

  • Boro in the Box

  • La résurrection des natures mortes (Living Still Life)

  • Prehistoric Cabaret

  • Salammbô

  • Notre-Dame des hormones (Our Lady of Hormones)

  • Y a-t-il une vierge encore vivante? (Any Virgins Left Alive?)

  • Depressive Cop

  • Ultra pulpe (Apocalypse After)

Year(s) of release: 1998-2018. Running Time: 199 min

In French & English with English Subtitles

Ultra Pulpe Teaser:
Boro in the Box Teaser:
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