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YOU'RE INVITED TO: The wedding of Vera Drew and The Joker, followed by a screening of The People's Joker!

LIVE! ONE NIGHT ONLY: July 24th at 7pm (PT) / 10pm (ET)

A LOVE STORY TO BEHOLD: We invite you to join us for this heartwarming and historical one night only event on July 24th. Witness the bond of eternal love and the fair use defense, as indie darling Vera Drew legally ties the knot with The Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker. As everyone knows for the past 4 years, Vera Drew and the Joker have been romantically and creatively involved with many describing them as "the dynamic duo of love, laughter, and (parody) law." Now, the two lovebirds are ready to make it official in a house of God, and before the eyes of the world. Guests from afar can join us online LIVE via Eventive, but we'd prefer to see you all in the theater if it's accessible to you.

STRICT DRESS CODE: dress to impress, that means...clown makeup, any form of cosplay, scantily clad outfits, pajamas, or dysphoria hoodies.

LOCATION: Your local movie theater or online from the comfort of your home/Batcave


DONATE! If you can spare some extra money we'll be donating tickets to queers in need! There's an option right before checkout when you're buying an Eventive ticket :)

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