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Beyond Gravity

Brand new 2k Restoration!

Beyond Gravity - New 2K Restoration

Dir. Garth Maxwell


Richard, an astronomy-obsessed worrier, spends his time fantasizing about outer-space and the cosmos, an activity which antagonizes friends and family. Then one day he meets Johnny, a handsome Italian man, with an enormous appetite for life, whose idea of a holiday involves breaking into the nearest small holiday home. He offers him love and an escape from the monotony of work. A joyous celebration of the love between two eccentrics who both have their sights aimed firmly amongst the stars also features extensive footage of central Auckland circa 1988 (courtesy of director Garth Maxwell’s own central Queen Street digs).

Also Available on the Jack Be Nimble Blu-ray!


Year of production: 1989. Running Time: 50 min

In English with optional English SDH and Spanish subtitles

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